Train Pantograph Market to Display Significant Growth

The pantograph is used on the roof of the train for transmitting current from overhead catenary wire and supply to the locomotive’s engine. The main component of pantograph are pallet, upper arm, guiding rod, coupling rod, lower arm, lifting device and support insulator. When electric locomotive moves, the pallets stretches by the help of spring and touches the overhead wire. Subsequently, current supply start and train could move over the rail. In modern train half-pantograph (Z-shape) is used particularly for high speed train, owing to high operating responsive at high speed.

Train Collision Avoidance System Market to Undertake Strapping Growth

Cyber security and passenger safety concerns to avoid catastrophic collisions or mishaps can be achieved by train collision avoidance system. Train collision avoidance system (TCAS), also popular as a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS), is an independent railway traffic monitoring and control system designed to eliminate collisions with other trains.

Train Lighting Market to Reflect Steady Growth

Train Lighting Market is expected to grow with significant rate throughout the forecast period owing to increase in railway network across the globe which in turn indirectly affect the sales of train lights. Train lighting is one of the important passenger amenities that provide passenger comfort. Train lighting are used for various purpose in both internal and external applications such as cabin interior, finding track path, etc.