The Secret of Peace and Unity

The Hebrew Alphabet is filled with ancient secrets. In the second letter of the Hebrew Alphabet the letter ב Beit is the secret of peace and unity.  This secret is in the form of the letter ב Beit.

The form of the letter ב Beit is above a roof and below a line or floor in the middle is a vertical line which connects the roof of the letter with its base.  The letter Beit ב is the first letter in the Torah the Bible, Genesis of the five books of Moses.  The letter Beit ב is numerically equal to 2.

The top or roof of the letter ב Beit corresponds to heaven.  The base of the letter Beit ב corresponds to earth.  The vertical line in the middle connects heaven and earth.  Peace and unity come from connecting heaven and earth which is spirit and nature.

The bible begins with the letter Beit to emphasize that the purpose of the creation of the world is to unite heaven and earth spiritual and material which is religion and faith to reveal the One God on earth.

The work of unity and peace begins with religion. The line at the bottom of the letter ב Beit corresponds to religion and acceptance of religion with simple faith.  This means acceptance of God as the creator of the universe and his divine law not to kill, not to steal, not to commit adultery, belief in One God.

Above is the letter Beit ב the first letter of the Torah the secret of the two Messiahs of truth represented by the roof of the letter ב the heavens and the base of the letter ב Beit the earth. The first passage of the Torah reads “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

The divine law was given to Moses at Mount Sinai.  After Moses gave the law to the Jewish people came later prophets to bring the law to the rest of the world.  At the bottom of the letter Beit ב is the attribute of God called justice. Justice comes down to earth to become the law of the nations of the earth beginning with the Nation of the Jewish people and extending outward to the seventy nations of the world.  Each nation has its own law derived from the law given by God to Moses.

At the top of the letter ב the roof of the letter is the attribute of God called mercy which dwells in the heavens above.  In the heavens is the mercy of God and on the earth his justice.  The justice of God is divided up between the seventy nations of the world.  In the heavens is the One God without any divisions.

The vertical line unites the upper part and base of the letter ב Beit which are mercy and justice.  The work of making peace and unity in the heavens and earth is the work of every person which is the vertical line.  God has given humanity the way to make this unity.

Moses brought the law of God into the world.  The unity of God was still not complete because the world was missing mercy.  Mercy came into the world through the Messiah of resurrection.  The unity of God was still not complete until was revealed the Messiah of justice and mercy the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Initially the divine plan was for Elijah to be the Messiah of justice and Moses the Messiah of mercy.  After the sin of the Golden Calf the plan was changed.  The Nation of Israel was established according to the Law of Moses.  After the destruction of the holy temple the nation of Israel went into exile without the Messiah.  The Messiah of mercy was revealed when Yoshua the son of man resurrected three days after his death.  After his resurrection he became officially the son of God the Messiah.  It is written in Mathew 17, that Moses and Elijah came to visit Yoshua. Mathew speaks about Yoshua as the son of man or the son of God the Messiah. When Christianity became a religion the concept of Yoshua the Messiah was simplified for the common folks.  He was called God the Messiah without making a separation between God and the Messiah. Religion is for the common folks; the secrets of God are for special souls.

The Jewish National Religious leaders did not accept Yoshua the Messiah.  They considered Yoshua a threat to the National Religious State of Israel. They protected the Old Testament and continued to wait for the coming of the Messiah to rebuild their nation.  Elijah preceded Yoshua and also King David representing Jewish National Unity.  Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai the author the Zohar the Book of Splendor came 170 years after the death of Yoshua.  In the Zohar he revealed the concept of two Messiahs the secret of the letter beit ב. The Zohar was hidden and not revealed until the year 1200 A.D. Instead Mohammed came to take the position of the Messiah of justice, with Sharia.

Without the resurrection of Moses and the coming of the Messiah of justice from the side of Judaism the unity was still not complete.  Today the unity has been completed by the resurrection of Yoshua, Mohammed and Moses (see  The Lubavitcher Rebbe has taken the position of the Messiah of National Unity and has given instructions to his students to spread the teachings of the seven commandments of Noah for all of mankind.

The vertical line between heaven and earth the roof and base of the letter ב is still not complete until every person will receive the two messiahs, the messiah of mercy in the heavens, and the Messiah of justice on the earth.

For this purpose the world was created.  The work has been completed by God.  Now is the time for it to be completed by the children of God.  Through the receiving and connecting the two Messiahs is revealed the One God.

When the two Messiahs of the letter ב is revealed will be revealed the One God symbolized by the letter א Aleph the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet numerically equal to one. The unity of God has been completed on earth.

Even though religion is important and the beginning to reach Peace, Unity and the revelation of God on earth; religion is also limiting.  Each religion has only one part of truth whether it be the upper part of the letter ב Beit which belongs to Christianity, or the lower part of the letter Beit ב which belongs to Israel and Islam. Even more complicated is the rivalry between the two nations of God Islam and Israel.

The connection between the two Messiahs in Judaism and all mankind comes through Rebbe Nachman of Breslov a Chassidic master who was a grandson of the Baal Shem Tov the founder of Chassidism who lived about 250 years ago God on earth.  He also encouraged people to pray to God in their own words from their own heart and ask from the Lord everything which is dear to them including the divine knowledge. The enlightenment comes also through the Zohar: The Book of Splendor which has brought to Judaism a new light of Unity through connection to the two Messiahs of truth.  Before the Zohar it was only taught the side of truth of religion without universal faith.  Rebbe Nachman was revealed in the last generation through a letter which he wrote to his dear student Yisrael Odessa signing his name Na,Nac,Nachma,Nachman MaUman.  Uman is his resting place where he was buried but today he has left his grave forever and lives in Jerusalem.

In part of the Zohar was revealed the second coming of Moses where Moses and his student Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai learned together the secrets of the Torah. The veil has been lifted from the face of Moses to reveal that he is today alive.  Elijah who is known to be alive when he went up to heaven on a cloud also teaches the mystical teachings of the Torah in the Zohar. The Lubavitcher Rebbe in his life taught the mystical teachings of the Torah in the way of Chabad which is wisdom understanding and intellect.  He would not relinquish the importance of continuing the Jewish religion and represents the aspect of the lower base of the letter Beit ב which is the Messiah the son of David. The Rebbe would not reveal to the world the second Messiah of Mercy the upper part of the letter Beit ב but only the importance of following the law of God for the whole world through keeping what is called the seven commandments of the children of Noah.  The way of Judaism is the way of religion to wait for the resurrection of the dead at the end of time.

Religion is the way of every person man woman and child.  The knowledge of the unity of God is for those that are meriting after beginning with religion.  There have been spiritual masters which have come into the world to help people reach to self-realization and God realization which means the unity of religion and faith.  The way to truth is not the work of one day.  It is the work of a whole life which includes for most people to build a family.

The end of all truth is the letter א Aleph numerically equal to One which is the truth that only God is one.  There are two Messiahs and two nations of the One God.  There are also two lands of Israel which are the land of Israel of the lower base of the letter ב Beit and the land of Israel of the upper part of the letter Beit ב .  There is no longer a reason to fight over the land of Israel or to fight between religions only to accept the truth of the One God like it says in Deuteronomy 4: There is none else but God.

Preparing for Doomsday with Spiritual Healing

Preparing for Doomsday through Spiritual Healing

Living in the twentieth century after the Second World War there is nobody that can avoid the thought of a third World War which will be much worse than mankind has ever seen in the past.  The third World war will be a nuclear war.  The world has become smaller through technology.  People can communicate through internet and share their ideas from one end of the world to the other.  At the same time technology has brought to the world the dangers of weapons of mass destruction.  Doomsday is in the back of every person’s mind.  Everyone knows that it is inevitable but it is the work of all of mankind to postpone the date of destruction if possible forever. Through cooperation between nations the date of doomsday can be delayed.  At the same time the world is faced with Global warming.  The earth is aging like human beings.  The life expectancy of people has grown but at the same time each person has his day of death in the future.  The earth also has it limits as population growth creates pollution of the waters of the earth, air pollution, natural catastrophes like fires in California and Europe and hurricanes which are only signs of the future.