“VETO!” President Trump Rejects Congressional Emergency Resolution

President Trump to Deliver State of the Union Address Tuesday

National Security; Terrorism, Dirty Bombs

The two main reason given by Trump supporters to build the wall is to stop criminals illegal aliens from entering the country, and to stop drug traffic.  Both are good reasons but may not be enough to declare a National Emergency.  The threat of terrorism, a terrorist attack where a terrorist will enter the country by way of open borders and bring a Dirty Bomb is a real threat which America is covering up not to cause panic amongst the people.  A Dirty bomb is a small nuclear weapon detonated by hand which causes pollution from radiation to the surroundings.

People who had business with President Donald Trump recognized him for his egotism.  My niece had the opportunity doing business with him as a representative of a distinguished law firm.  She noted pictures of him in his office and an aura of a person who thinks highly of himself.  He took the job as President of the USA as part of his ego trip.  He wants to be the best President in the history of the USA.  His incentive is not only love of America but to make for himself a name to be written in history books about Donald Trump the best President in the history of the country.  He wants to confront issues which were ignored by previous presidents like Jerusalem, Iran Nucleur threat, economic improvements, North Korea and The Wall of Mercy.  Other presidents may have been more loyal faithful lovers of America, than President Trump but less interested in being different less egotistic.  Trump is even accused of not paying his taxes. 

President Trump Offers Compromise on Border, Immigration Standoff

The Wall of Mercy; Trump Wall

Bible Leviticus 19:14, The Bible teaches before a blind person do not place a stumbling block.  This passage can be learned literally or can be applied as a teaching in many other issues in everyday life.

Trump has called building a wall humanitarian.  He is mostly concerned about the safety of Americans.  He may also be right in the light of the Bible passage “Before the blind person do not place a stumbling block.”  America offers to immigrants a much better life than they can live in many places in the world.  For this reason it is very difficult for foreigners to get a green card.  It would be wonderful for America to open its borders to unlimited immigration but the idea is silly.  In Yemen alone there are 18 million human beings that are starving not including other places in the world.  No charitable organization in the world including UNESCO has enough funds to support these humanitarian causes.  Therefore these needy suffering souls look to the possibility of immigration to another country in Europe or in America.  Humanitarian means to have open borders for legal immigration.  Increasing quotas of immigrants and choosing the right people to immigrate who show true sincerity is the first and most important way to help the needy.  Trump is looking for immigration from people that are not desperate, professionals, well educated people before bringing in good people from other lands that did not have the chance to even start their lives.  This type of criterion may save America money but does not solve the humanitarian problem.  Therefore the bible teaches “Open your hands to the poor, and borrow to him the money that he needs.”

Longest Government Shutdown in History Results in Missed Paychecks

Shut Down Continues with No End in Sight

Shutdown Enters Second Week; Congress Waits Until Next Year

Federal Government Shuts Down as Congress, Trump Reach Impasse

Border Wall Battle; Partial Government Shutdown Looms

Budget Deadline Looms; What’s In and What’s Out