Protesters in Basra for First-Time Request Support from President Trump

According to Kitabat Electronic News Page:

Protests in Basra started again during the Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi visit; and turn it into a time bomb in his face.

Demonstrations came out again in the streets of “Basra” Iraqi (Friday night January 18th ) and increased the accessions of other demonstrators; in despite of the number of victims occurred during the recent protests two months ago, because of corruption and the deterioration of basic services and lack of jobs in the province, which is the richest in Iraq.

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President Trump Offers Compromise on Border, Immigration Standoff

The Torture of Naglaa Mokhtar and the Act of Wickedness of the Egyptian Police

Naglaa Mokhtar Younis Mohamed Azzab Morgan, the wife of Los Angeles Businessman David Lee Morgan, has been undergoing unfair and severe torture by the Egyptian government since August 19, 2018.

Naglaa Mokhta is a very famous preacher in Egypt and the co-founder of Eye Witness Human Right Activists and International Law. Prior to being taken hostage, Naglaa Mokhtar has been devoted to helping women and children in need. On August 19, 2018, at approximately 3:40pm, while waiting for a flight with her husband, David Lee Morgan of 150W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90015, Naglaa was arrested by the Egyptian police who are said to be carrying out an order of the Egyptian President, Al-Sisi.

They seized her passport without arrest warrant of any sort or a judge’s order. “Our flight on Nile Airline was cancelled by Egyptian Immigration Offers for no apparent reason, I believe, other than to harass my wife because we are human right activists” said David Lee Morgan.

The human right activist, who himself is a US citizen, immediately called and also mailed the American Citizen Service section of the Embassy of the United States of America in Cairo, Egypt and reported the details of the event that occurred at the Cairo airport.

Did the FBI and US Intelligence Community Attempt a Coup in America?

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Prime Minister May Faces Certain Defeat of Brexit Deal on Tuesday

Longest Government Shutdown in History Results in Missed Paychecks

Mother Pleads for Daughter After Arrest in Oklahoma

Shara Cumins was arrested for drug trafficking in Oklahoma on Dec. 22.

Shara issued the following statement to Communal News:

My name is Shara Cumins and I have pain and suffering on my heart….. My 11 month year daughter is currently in foster care do to a bad decision I choice to make to support my family….. I am currently facing charges but not yet convicted of drug trafficking….. I was on the road with my daughter as I was being stopped by the police and I was currently arrested and they took my child into custody in Oklahoma….. True enough I had marijuana in the car almost 100 pounds but my daughter does not need to suffer behind my actions…. My family amd friends was not contacted to come and get my child nor was I giving time to come and get my child from DHS custody….

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New Congress Sworn In: New Members, Old Speaker, Long Odds

Shut Down Continues with No End in Sight

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Netanyahu in Peril? Israel Heads to the Polls

Shutdown Enters Second Week; Congress Waits Until Next Year

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Sec. Mattis’ Resignation Shocks Political Establishment

Federal Government Shuts Down as Congress, Trump Reach Impasse

President Trump’s Surprise Syrian Announcement Draws Scorn, Praise

Border Wall Battle; Partial Government Shutdown Looms

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PM May Survives Confidence Vote, But Brexit Uncertainty Looms

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French Middle-Class Explodes in Anger at Macron and Elites

World Awaits Tuesday Vote on Brexit Deal

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“Three Amigos” Sign NAFTA Replacement; Await Ratification

  • U.S. President Donald Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and outgoing Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto concluded fifteen months of often contentious talks on Friday, and formally signed the US-Mexico-Canada agreement, or USMCA, which will replace NAFTA.
  • Canada remains concerned over steel and aluminum tariffs, imposed by Washington, and left unresolved in USMCA.  Prime Minister Trudeau used the signing ceremony as another opportunity to urge President Trump to drop them.
  • The agreement must now be ratified by the legislatures of each country, which is far from certain.  In both the new and old Congress, USMCA faces considerable hurdles, with everyone finding something to dislike.
  • Traditional business conservatives object to USMCA as moving North America further from free trade, and leaving the United States “with diminished trading opportunities, rather than expanded trading opportunities with Mexico and Canada.”
  • Social conservatives view sexual orientation and gender identity protections, included at Canada’s insistence, as a loss for American sovereignty.
  • The president, and his supporters, are hailing USMCA’s signing as nothing less than a win for America.

US Border with Mexico: Clashes, Chaos, Crisis

California Wildfires: Death Toll 79 and Rising

California’s Deadliest Wildfires: 48 Dead so far; 7,535 structures lost

World War One: Armistice Day 100 Years Later

Election Chaos in Florida and Arizona Senate Races as Republican Leads Vanish

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Congressman Forges Road for Federal Cannabis

Exciting news may be on the horizon for legal cannabis. It seems the legislative trend making way state by state has found a direct line to federal legality, according to Oregon Congressman, Earl Blumenauer, in a memo sent to House Democratic Leadership.

Using polling statistics to affirm his point that Congress sits behind a forward-moving country, Blumenauer points out that 69% of registered voters support legalizing marijuana, and even more believe previously criminalized consumers deserve expunged records. He urges Democrats to “seize the moment,” should they retake the House of Representatives. The subsequent timeline serves as a map for the Democratic Majority to grab the reins on marijuana and other cannabis products by 2019’s end. If this path forward is enacted by the House, combined with support from senators, such as Cory Gardner who recently took action to eradicate federal interference with states that allow legal consumption, cannabis could descheduled, by 2020.

Let’s take a look at the timeline drafted by Blumenauer:

7 Days to Midterm Elections: No Stone Left Unturned for Votes

Top 9 Presidential Sex Scandals

Womanizing while President and married received our highest ranking

1. John Kennedy “If I don’t have a lay for three days I get a headache.” John F. Kennedy was possibly the most prolific philanderer ever to grace the Oval Office.

2. Lyndon B. Johnson once bragged that he’d “had more women by accident than Kennedy ever had on purpose.” Once, after Lady Bird walked in on her husband having sex with one of his secretaries on a sofa in the Oval Office, Johnson ordered the Secret Service to install a buzzer system to alert the President whenever his wife was close by.

3. Bill Clinton four women over the past few decades have publicly accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault or harassment. One woman accused Clinton of raping her.

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