About Us


Communal News is Committed to You, Our Valued Reader.

We have built an internet direct news service to help you, our readers gain faster and more unfiltered news…with the goal of helping you to become intellectually enriched and more directly involved.

Communal News is a unique and special internet-direct news service providing journalist and content writers an open platform, allowing them to write about their own expertise and experiences.

Our Goals:                       

  1. Not limit the news or accept the status quo from the same old outlets.
  2. Expand our reader’s information and knowledge.
  3. Our writers, reporters and thinkers will contribute directly into a collaborative network that provides an unfiltered conduit directly to the public.
  4. That our online community is open to global writers especially if they are explaining to us the conditions where they live.   
  5. Contributors need to keep opinions out when reporting the news.
  6. However, submitting a non-conforming, well-sourced and documented argument is not only accepted, we will rewarded it.

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Contributor Payout:

At Communal News, we have very low internet overhead and that allows us to pay out a higher percentage (based on pro rata views) of gross profits than anyone else we know of providing general news. We have a working plan to returning the lion share of profits to the contributors that provides the highest readership. The goal is for our readers to reward good copy (by their readership) and for excellent contributors to get paid for excellent work. Thus we our launching our Beta Program at $12.25 per thousand page views and hope to increase the payout with higher readership levels.

Please stay tuned for our next Contributor payment announcement.

Our goal is to provide a complete community involvement approach and we ask our readers to provide comments whenever they feel that they can contribute to the topic. We’ve made it easy for readers to follow their favorite journalist or those who cover the topics of interest to them. We ask our readers to purchase from our advertisers and, whenever possible, to honestly review the products or services presented by Communal News advertisers.  

It is only with advertising that we will pay the many journalists that create this uninhibited, free and open news service. So please take a second and give a real review to the many products and services that are involved with our open online community.  


Our readers and contributors will receive preferred pricing, eliminating the middleman whenever possible. Our advertising will be as community driven as possible, giving our contributors more credence, additional exposure and improved positions. We will also make it very easy for our online community of readers to advertise, giving them an advantage to the traditional online advertising services.   

We are building a new news service from the ground up. Through readership, open journalism and internal advertising, we’re working to provide a complete, unique and direct online news experience, totally unlike the top-down, stale and filtered news offered by the current failing large news corporations.

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A Open & Distributive (Better) Community Based News Service:

Our goal is for this news service (and accompanying blog), utilizing the best of internet technology, to radically change how fast-paced news content is delivered. By eliminating significant infrastructure and bureaucracies, we aim to provide the best unfiltered and often non-conforming news for you our valued readers, who will be organically and directly rewarding our contributors.  

Terms and conditions to be reviewed and updated after 12-31-2019. Please give us time and build your following with us as we build a significantly better way to present news.,