Perfection and Imperfection

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  • The ultimate good is to receive the two Messiahs of justice and mercy and work for others to receive them and their message: God is one. His name is peace and truth.
  • Making soldiers to fight a war for God guaranteeing to the soldiers of God that they will receive a reward in the afterlife for their efforts is a way of suppressing the fears of death and destruction.
  • Permission has been given for mankind to dream of the coming of the Messiah and do everything in their power to prolong the inevitable and to live in peace.

God is perfect; but the world and man is not perfect. Because God the creator is perfect, the world will have a perfect ending but it may not be in this world but will surely be in the afterlife.

In Judaism there are two schools of thought regarding the world and its future. One opinion is that in the end of time will come the Messiah and there will be peace like it says in Isaiah, The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf with the lion and the yearling together, and a child will lead them.” The other opinion is that peace will come only when each individual finds God and the messiah in his own heart an everlasting peace but the world will not change. In the end of time will come destruction and afterwards will come the revival of the dead.

No one wants to think of an end to the world filled with suffering. The coming of the Messiah that will correct the whole world and there will be an end to suffering is a dream. Permission has been given for mankind to dream of the coming of the Messiah in this way and do everything in their power to prolong the inevitable. Judaism and Christianity includes in it the belief in the Messiah who will correct the world in the end of time. Christianity has come from Judaism.

The hope in the coming of the Messiah who will solve all the problems of life the ultimate solution lives with humanity. Waiting for the Messiah to come becomes frustrating. Witnessing World War I and World War II and the threat of World War III causes humanity to give up hope on the coming of the Messiah. Liberals in the Congress of the USA are already planning for the end of time discussing limiting families to two children. The threat of destruction is real. The threat of nuclear war is real. The thought of the coming of the Messiah is a comfort for humanity an escape from reality. How long do we have to wait?

Religion whether it be Judaism, Christianity, or Islam believe in the perfection of God the creator. The belief in God the creator is even in the Declaration of Independence of the USA. There are different opinions about the world and its possibility of achieving perfection. World Unity and Peace is a goal of perfection for the world. World Peace is a goal. The concept of World Peace is different in Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Each religion considers itself to be the center of World Peace. To Islam World Peace means One World and One Religion which is Islam ruled according to Sharia. In Christianity World Peace comes through acceptance of Jesus as King the Messiah. Christians are waiting for Jesus to come back to achieve this goal. Jews are waiting for the coming of the Messiah to bring World Peace. The Messiah in Judaism will gather all the Jews together to return to their land, establish the new nation of Israel under Biblical law, and build the holy temple. There is hope in each religion for a perfect solution to World Despair. Each religion has World Peace as a goal. The way to World Peace in each religion is through gaining dominion over the world. The victory in Judaism comes through the coming of the Jewish Messiah. The Messiah will fight for World Peace through establishment of the Nation of Israel and the building of the holy temple in Jerusalem. Christians await the coming of Jesus who will fight a war without weapons of destruction for World Peace a victory which will comes through miracles. Islam is already fighting its war in Syria and spreading out throughout the world. The Koran preaches world peace but will not accept the prophecy of Isaiah until Islam has conquered the world and established in the world the law of Sharia.

Fighting a physical war for World Peace for the sake of the kingship of God on earth is a solution which will bring destruction to the whole world. Making soldiers to fight a war for God guaranteeing to the soldiers of God that they will receive a reward in the afterlife for their efforts is a way of suppressing the fears of death and destruction. In this way even after ISIS has surrendered they have no regrets and are planning to build up their forces to start all over. The prophets have already encouraged Jews and mankind to fight a spiritual war and not a physical war, “not through power, not through soldiers, only through spirit, God has said.” Jewish law has changed about the concept of military victory. Israel the religious state of Zion (not the modern State of Israel) is no longer a military state like it was in the times of King David. It once encouraged Jews to fight wars like ISIS is fighting today. If there are still Jews alive today that think there is a solution in war they are going against God and the prophets. Jews have the right given by God to fight to be Jews through spiritual war and like all nations the State of Israel has the right to defend its borders. The survival of the Jewish people comes through observance of the precepts of their religion. Israelis have the right to fight for their nation like any other nation on earth. Israel today is a secular nation. To bring the Messiah and World Peace does not come through physical war only through spiritual war. Jews were once against Christianity because they believed in a spiritual war, a spiritual Messiah. To fight for God and his glorious name is important, but not through a physical war. The war of God was once physical. Today it is spiritual. God has the right to kill and not man.

Judaism is a separate religion from Christianity and certainly from Islam. On the concept of spiritual war of truth Judaism and Christianity have merged. They both don’t believe in physical war even though there extremists like in Islam. Judaism cannot become Christianity. They are two religions in the world. Judaism is a religion which started at Mount Sinai. It is a religion for Jews and not for all men the children of Adam. There is perfection in Judaism. There is a Messiah in Judaism who is the perfect servant of God and the Torah but he is not the commander and chief of a physical army like before. There is a Messiah in the world who is the Son of God. The Son of God is the attribute of mercy of God. The Jewish people connect to their Messiah who represents Jewish law and justice. Islam came to bring down the law of God for a nation of people to be at peace with Jesus and the Jewish people. The world and all of humanity need to connect to Jesus the attribute of mercy and the preacher of spiritual war like Isaiah. Secular Nationalism should separate from religious nationalism but not from faith. Religious nationalism today battles for spiritual values without physical weapons. Nations have the right to defend themselves. It is not a religious battle even in Israel. The law of God has changed and has been added to it disarmament. Islam and the holy nation of Israel require the awareness to battle for the glory of God without weapons of destruction. Jesus is the spiritual Messiah and has the power of the supernatural to win wars without firing one bullet. Rabbi Yisrael Odessa who received the letter from Rabbi Nachman also prophesized that the spiritual war of God over Jerusalem will be won without firing one bullet.

There was once a battle between Judaism and Christianity. Judaism has its place in World Unity and Peace. Christianity has its place. There are in this way two Messiahs of peace, a Jewish Messiah and a Universal Messiah. God is one and perfect. The Messiah even after his death after his resurrection is still not God. The Messiah is the most perfect of men but not God. God is the Almighty. God has the right to cause destruction not man. God makes earthquakes. God made the Tornado in Alabama. Auto crashes and plane crashes come through divine providence. God is the father the creator. The son of God Jesus and all the souls of Israel who are with God are part of the attribute of mercy and have no right to destroy only to create. God is the attribute of justice. The son of God is the attribute of mercy. God includes in him mercy and justice but remains hidden and revered.

ISIS claims to be the true nation of God. They are fighting a war to conquer the world which they can never conquer. War is their religion which has to change over to spiritual war. Like the Jews they have to give up their physical war for a spiritual war and join the Salvation Army. There are two nations of God on earth. Islam cannot be the only nation of God. Israel cannot be the only nation of God. Only God is one and his nation is part of his word which is with him in heaven. Accepting the One God is the way of peace. No religion can claim to be the only religion. The Messiah cannot be God, but can claim to be part of God either the part of mercy or the part of justice. The part of the Messiah connected to the law of God is the Messiah of justice. The part of God connected to the mercy of God is Jesus. There is mercy and justice in the world. Mercy connects with freedom. Justice connects with Law and Order. God is one and all of mankind share in his glory through faith.

The revelation of the Messiah is not just to be part of a religion. It is in the realization that God is one and his name is one. About the share in the afterlife there are no doubts. About the future of this world there is a question. There is no question of the importance of the work of World Unity and Peace, to be artisans of peace in this world has an eternal reward in the afterlife. A Jew has a reward to be a Jew. A Muslim has a reward to be a Muslim. They both need Jesus and the belief in the resurrection the attribute of mercy. Christians need to accept the Messiah of the Jewish people, the Messiah of justice, the Lubavitcher Rebbe. He has died but to the perfect servant of God there is no death. His work and service continues for eternity. The Messiah of the Jewish people is compared to Elijah the prophet who ascended into heaven without death.

Moses is praised in the bible for his humility like it says in Number 12:3, Moses was the humblest of all men on the face of the earth. Joshua questioned Moses that out of his humility he was willing to accept the two prophets remaining in the camp Medad and Eldad even if they didn’t agree with him. God is one but he has many attributes and many nations. Each nation has its own law and honor to be One Nation under God like America. When people will unite with the prophets of the resurrection they will also become prophets. Like Moses told Joshua, “All my children should be prophets.” Jesus the son of God is the prophet that unites all prophets with Moses who represents the law of God. Moses is not against Mohammed; he is not against Jesus. Miriam and Devorah were prophets and all woman can also be prophets. Children can also be prophets.

The picture is of the Mosque on the temple mount. Symbolically has been added the traditional skull cap of the Breslov Chassidim who believe in the resurrection of Rabbeinu Rebbe Nachman and sing the song of the resurrection Na,Nac,Nachma,Nachman until will be washed away all sadness from the face of the earth. When Islam and all of Israel will accept the resurrection of Rabbi Nachman and Jesus there will be peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Resurrection was revealed in Judaism by the letter from Rabbi Nachman to his student Rabbi Odessa. Rabbi Odessa told his students that the goals of Judaism will be achieved without firing one bullet only by repeating the name of Rabbi Nachman Na, Nac,Nachma, Nachman and through prayer. Islam in the Koran accepts Moses, Jesus, Isaiah, Adam as prophets. Islam can also change to believe in Rabbi Nachman and the words of Saba Yisrael Odessa that physical war is unnecessary in the spiritual battle for the glory of God. Mohammed has resurrected with Moses and Jesus. Mohammed has returned to be the leader of Islam and there is no longer a battle over who is the Caliph between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.

Religions need to respect the humanitarians even if they are agnostics. Politics belong to the humanitarians. Give credit to science and medicine for making improvements in life. Religion is the science of the soul. The science of nature is the work of the humanitarian. God is one in the heavens spiritual life and the earth natural life. Everything that happens is through the divine hand called divine providence. There is only one source. In this one source there is mercy and justice, two sides of truth. Through the attribute of mercy all mankind will receive their reward in the afterlife. After death they will go up in heaven and stand before the Supernal Court and be judged for their efforts in this world as artisans of peace. The reward will be according to their struggle in this world. The reward is guaranteed by the prophets. There is reward for the soul in the heaven of heavens. There is a reward for the body in resurrection. God is eternal and his creation is eternal.

The Torah written by Moses called the five books of Moses, the Jewish bible, the Old Testament is written proof that God created the heavens and earth. Moses was given by God the highest knowledge of God and creation. The six days of creation represent 6000 years of recorded time. Today on the Jewish calendar the year is 5779 close to the year 6000. The seventh day called Sabbath is the day of rest and reward for the work of 6 days of the week and 6000 years of creation. The main reward is in the resurrection of the dead. The revelation of God on earth comes through resurrection. Adam the first man was created through resurrection not through evolution. He was almost perfect but only a man and not God. Jesus and his Christian followers renewed the faith in the resurrection to give courage to mankind to cope with the many tragedies in life. Moses the first of prophets today has resurrected for the sake of World Unity and Peace. Mohammed the last prophet has resurrected with Jesus and Moses and they are alive under the place of the Temple Mount. There is one soul which connects all human beings which is the soul of Adam the first man. His soul has spread out in the world to all his children who are today over 7 billion. Within the soul of Adam is another source of souls which is connected to Moses. The soul of Jesus and Adam are united. The soul of Adam emanates into the soul of Abraham, Ishmael and Mohammed the fathers of all Muslims. God is one. The soul is part of God. The soul is divided into two soul sources which are Adam and Moses. Only God is one even the soul which is his divine name is divided between justice and mercy. The purpose of 6000 years of creation is to know God and to know that you cannot know God. God is called the hidden of hiddens, the beginning of all beginnings. In the words of Tikunei Zohar Petach Eliyahu the most esoteric Jewish book “God is one but not even to be understood only represented by the number one.” Religions only reveal the attributes of God. Each person is one of these attributes. Having children reveal another attribute of God. It is always a good deed to have children even if they may suffer at the end of time. There is a reward for the suffering of life in the afterlife. Birth strike should not be a law. Let there be free choice. This is a matter of conscience. The ultimate good is to receive the two Messiahs of justice and mercy and work for others to receive them and their message: God is one. His name is peace and truth.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality.  He has two sites at: and
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