Our Friend Greshun De Bouse™ For “I’ll Be Nicer First™” Campaign

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  • Greshun De Bouse™ Decided To Be The Change She Wanted To See In The World.
  • "So many are quick to do things that are not nice, and I thought wouldn't it be great if everyone was just as quick to be nice?"

Like most all, Greshun De Bouse™ believed her immediate community and the world needed help. Like the sweet person she is, Greshun De Bouse™ decided to be the change she wanted to see by launching her “I’ll Be Nicer First Campaign” in February 2019. De Bouse touts the campaign as the bullying prevention and recovery cure, and companion to he national advocacy holiday, National Making The First Move Day®.

“I’ll Be Nicer First™” promotes individuals “making the first move” to be nice to others first. De Bouse says “So many are quick to do things that are not nice, and I thought wouldn’t it be great if everyone was just as quick to be nice?” This is why Greshun De Bouse™ offers her Official National Making The First Move Day® Celebration on April 7 annually ABSOLUTELY FREE to kids, families, and all. The kids and families receive free self-defense techniques, free bullying prevention and recovery education, free food from in-kind national restaurant chain sponsors, free membership in the National Making The First Move Day® (MTFMove Day®) No Bullying Club, Incentive-Based (in-king sponsorship from area businesses) Test-Your-Knowledge to ensure retention of material taught, therapeutic music and laughter, a network of individuals “making the first move”, and connection to longterm bullying prevention and recovery services through First Move Life Coaching LLC™.

Greshun De Bouse’s™ inclusive vision is for any child, family, or individual to have an equal opportunity to participate and partake of the resources/services she offers, irrespective of finances. How awesome is Greshun De Bouse™ for this? As April 7 approaches, Greshun De Bouse™ for sure takes time out of her very busy schedule to oversee all details of the official celebration, and ensure an environment of equality and positivity. More celebrities are using the official National Making The First Move Day® Hashtag #mtfmoveday all on social media, and the kids who participate range from age three to 19. Greshun De Bouse™ lives by the mantras “To whom much is given, much is required,” and “Freely you have received, freely give.” There’s nothing not to love about her!

Greshun De Bouse™: “I’ll Be Nicer First™,” the perfect companion to National Making The First Move Day® April 7. We love her for all she does!

MTFMove Day® PR

As seen in Chase's Calendar, National Making The First Move Day® is a national advocacy holiday celebrated annually on April 7 when kids, families, and persons of all ages, demographics, and backgrounds reclaim their personal power and START MAKING THE FIRST MOVE TOWARDS BULLYING PREVENTION AND RECOVERY IN ALL FORMS


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