5 Ways to Make Your Video Content Social Media Ready

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  • Find out what competitors in your industry are doing so you can either replicate what they're doing well or do better at what they're not.
  • One thing to keep in mind when creating videos is that people's attention spans are short.
  • Make sure to ask yourself what do I want my audience to feel, think and do.

We are going to take on what you need to know on how to create amazing video content for your marketing efforts on social media and make it go viral. As many have noticed about videos for a long time now so it doesn’t come as a shocker when we talk about that if you haven’t started publishing videos yet, it’s time to move on and get rolling as part of your overall b2b marketing strategy. Visual content always stands out more than other types of media. It is more conducive to digest and preferred by many. It also allows viewers to connect deeper with the content and build familiarity and trust with any people within the video. With more companies (medium to large size) now investing in video marketing, they realized it’s power and putting their best efforts to apply this method into their marketing strategy.

According to Cisco (the world renowned for IT solutions) they project that 80% of Internet traffic will all be video in 2021. 70% of B2B buyers and researchers watch video throughout their path to purchase. Video has become an integral part B2B buying experience so having said that here are some key tips when creating videos as part of your social media marketing strategy.

1 ) Identify what video style will resonate with your target audience. Initially, make sure you understand your audience. For example, if you are offering your product. You may be presenting completely different and if you’re featuring what a specific video camera could do, go back to your buyer personas and determine they will want to see. For techy people will likely want to see the software in action to understand its benefits. It will apply in resolving their needs. Find out what competitors in your industry are doing so you can either replicate what they’re doing well or do better at what they’re not. Think about what your viewers need to know and whether you have a compelling way to showcase the info. At this point, you can start to produce your video content.

2 ) Maintain your video brief and simple. One thing to keep in mind when creating videos is that people’s attention spans are short. According to studies, videos that are 2 mins in length will often be all that anyone has the patience for even if it’s filled with action, animated clips, and humor. There ‘s usually a sharp drop off viewership after 2 minutes. Then the next sweet spot of video length is 6 to 12 minutes. If someone sticks around for 6 minutes, to begin with, they’re more likely in it for the long haul so produce a shorter 1 to 2 minutes videos if possible and if you need longer form content, keep things interesting and informative. Provide a lot of value to the viewers.

3 ) Develop an Engaging Story. Like any story, your script should have a beginning, middle, and an end. It’s key to have an introduction to your video topic followed by 3 to 5 points of interest then summarize and end it with a strong call-to-action so viewers can understand their next steps. Make sure to ask yourself what do I want my audience to feel, think and do. From here you should be able to create and shoot a video that’ll be under 2 minutes long unless you’re ready to move on to longer instructional style videos.

4 ) Use What You Already Have to Start Shooting. Nowadays, we carry smartphones in our pocket as most of us have. Make sure to use a higher quality main camera on your mobile device to shoot and have good natural lighting as a starting point. Make sure to be facing directly into the light with the camera pointing in the opposite direction from any light sources. You can buy light boxes to improve your lighting. There are many inexpensive options starting from about $80. The other important thing to keep in mind is your audio. You’ll want to purchase a wired lapel mic that you can easily plug into your smartphone and test out so that the sound is crisp and clear. Decent lapel mics with foam windscreens will help eliminating background noise. As long as they’re used properly outside of and non-inside clothing. Set up a small tripod and use a free online teleprompter on your laptop and shoot.

5 ) Test What Works. Before you start paying for more intensive video production. Try shooting a few and testing them out. Are they helping to increase conversions on your landing pages? are people watching your videos? and finding you across the web on your preferred video platform. Which types of videos are resonating better with your audience? introduce this new method and see how it works before investing in more expensive options for video production.

In conclusion, in order to make great content for you B2B video marketing efforts, determine what style of video will resonate with your target character types.

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