Will the US Lose Christianity? Islamic Militias in the US

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  • Latinos converting to Islam more than any other culture.
  • Muslims stockpiling weapons in the United States.
  • Civil unrest is sure to come.

Have you been wondering why the leftist Democrats want open borders?

As overcrowded and under-jobbed as the United States is, why would they want open borders? We can’t simply chalk it up to ignorance of elementary mathematics. There has to be a driving force behind their actions. Recent studies show that South American peoples (Mexicans, Hondurans, and others) are being assimilated into Islam at a much faster rate than all other cultures. 

Knowing how close the Clintons and Obama are to the Muslim Brotherhood, and knowing how badly Islam projects its religious views and Sharia Law upon every country they have invaded, maybe we already have the answer.

The Clarion Project is an organization set up to monitor possible Islamic extremists within the United States. At present, there are at least 7 Muslim compounds on their watch list, across the US. The organization claims that these Muslims are stockpiling weapons in those compounds, but by law they cannot enter or search these places of impending doom. You can get more on the organizations findings here. According to a recent survey, most Muslim-Americans believe Sharia Law should trump the United States Constitution.

Like Obama, the Muslim way of infiltration is slow and methodical. Coupled with progressive liberalism and the Democratic party, and we begin to get a much clearer picture of what is really going on.

Fundamentally, Sharia Law and the United States Constitution are at odds. Nothing thetical has been done or proposed by the politicians you see in the pictures above. However, they are like-minded to the antithetical minds of the Clintons, Obama, Omar and others that the world has witnessed in past days. Let us not forget that the Clintons and Obama received countless millions from the Muslim Brotherhood, and the money was always being used for the betterment of the Islamic dream and not the American people, whether or not the money was going out or coming in.

The United States isn’t alone in its fight for its Christianity. From 2018 to 2019, just one year, 7 out of every 9 attacks on Christians around the world were perpetrated by Muslims.

In one year, 245 million Christian’s experienced some degree of persecution.

In the same time, 1 in 9 Christian’s experienced an extreme level of persecution, by Muslims.

In the same time, Christian persecution rose an amazing 14% world wide, by Muslims.

In the same time, 4,136 Christians were killed, in other than combat situations, simply for their faith, by Muslims.

In the same time, 2,625 Christian’s were detained without trial, arrested and imprisoned simply for their faith, by Muslims.

In the same time, 1,266 churches around the world were attacked, by Muslims.

I could go on and on with like numbers but we all get the picture. I will include another link here that I’m sure you will enjoy. God bless you.

Michael Clark

Independent Journalist and Evangelist dedicated to bringing Christian news and film to the public.

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