Precious Genes and Racism

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  • Racism comes naturally and not through spirit. Racism is part of the imperfection of Adam.
  • There is no question that there are differences between people. Some people are more intellectual; others are more physically strong. Science connects these differences to Genealogy.
  • The Bible is not racist God Forbid but does make a distinction between races and their families.

The American ideal “All men are created equal” is true in the eye of God but in eye of science there are differences between people in intelligence and physical nature.

The Bible is not racist God Forbid but does make a distinction between races and their families. The creation of man as described in Genesis man was created from the dust of the earth and God blew into his nostrils the breath of life. The name for Adam man comes from the word Adama which means earth. The creation of Adam was similar to resurrection coming up from the earth. Man did not only come up from the earth; he came up from dust of the earth. Dust is the simplest level of life, inanimate life. There is no distinction in dust like the sand on the ocean front or in the wilderness. In dust there is no racism. The Bible is teaching that in the beginning Adam in the Garden of Eden there was no racism. In resurrection and after resurrection there will be no racism. Everyone will be perfect. Dust is the perfect receiver of life. It has nothing of its own; completely nullified to receive the breath of life from God. Father Abraham and the great saints in history are compared to dust. About Abraham it is written “I am dust and ashes.” Not all people are on this level of nullification to God to make this claim.

People are conceived from the combination of male and female. Adam the first man is a part of all his children. All the children of man are created in the image of God like Adam and have in them a connection to Adam who was the most perfect man. The perfection of Adam is a part of all mankind which allows the ideal “All men are created equal.” There is no distinction between grains of sand on the oceanfront or in the sand of the desert. When Adam and Eve conceived their children was combined the element of dust in the soul of Adam with the four elements which were in Eve his wife which are Earth, water, fire and air principally the combination of earth dust and water which created plant life. In man conceived through the woman and in plant and animal are all the four elements of creation. The difference between man and the animal is man has the power of speech, intelligence and free choice. Adam created from the dust of the earth was on a higher level than his children. In Adam his spiritual soul was given to him when God blew into his nostrils to be for him the dominate soul. The other soul of Adam was dust which has no free choice. The children of Adam have two souls a Godly soul inherited from their father Adam and an animal soul created from the combination of the two souls of Adam and Eve. The Bible in Genesis makes it a point that Adam searched for a soul mate from all the animals of the Garden before finding Eve. When Adam combined with Eve was combined spirit with nature. Eve is the mother of nature. All people that are born from Adam and Eve have this combination spirit and nature.

Dust in unity with spirit has no differences. Adam is one creation. When Adam and Eve united became variations of people with differences between them. Some people are more intelligent. Other people are more strong physically and less intelligent. All people are created equal but all people are not the same intellectually and physically. Racism entered the world when children were born to Adam and Eve. The more intelligent people are more suitable to live together. Warriors and hunters like people that are like them with similar interests. In this way developed different races in the world. The differences between people is in the way the four elements earth, water, fire and air are combined. There are races with more fire. There are races with more earth.

Statistics show a variation in IQ between people. Studying in Stuyvesant H.S in the 1960s the best students were Jewish and Orientals. The average IQ in the USA is 98. In Korea, China and Japan it is over 100. Africans have the lowest level of IQ. They are also the strongest physically. Most people have an IQ between 85-115. A small fraction have IQ below 70 and above 130. Naturally people with higher IQ make friends with others on their levels. They socialize with families of similar intelligence. In this way racism is created. The equal factor comes through the spirit of God which is in all men woman and children. Therefore the Pope the leader of the Catholic Church identifying with the spirit makes no distinction between people; all people are connected to Adam created from the dust of the earth. Judaism and Islam identify with man created from the unity of between Adam and Eve separate families through religion. Most people even if they are agnostics separate their families to socialize with other people equally intellectually and with similar humanitarian ideals. Wealthy families are looking for their children to marry children from wealthy families. Racism is in nature not in spirit. Religion connects to spirit joined with nature creating a holy family of God, a holy nation.

There is no question that there are differences between people. Some people are more intellectual; others are more physically strong. Science connects these differences to Genealogy. The bible points to an event in history which created a split between races which was in the times of Noah after the flood. Noah had three male children Cham, Shem, and Japheth. Shem was the most intellectual. Cham the most physical. The Jewish people comes from the seed of Shem. They have naturally separated themselves into families with their similar qualities. They were given a religion to reinforce the gene of Shem. Reinforcement of the gene of Shem of a higher intellect comes through the watching over the laws of incest. In Judaism it is a sin to spill the seed semen in vain. Scientists recognize that the part of the child which is the intellect is primarily in the seed. The mother receives the seed and nurtures the seed which grows into a child. The Gene of the Jewish forefathers has been preserved and given over to the children of Israel through the laws of the Torah.

The second factor in watching over the good genes is through education. Environment has a great affect to watch over these genes and to draw from them the most of their potential. Judaism creates an environment in the home for development of these good genes. Anti-Semites who call Judaism racist are not giving credit to the Jewish people for their important work keeping in the world these good genes which all mankind enjoys through the fruits of the works of the Jewish people working in the world in all fields of life. Instead of attacking Jews for racism, people should study the Jewish way of life and learn from the Jewish People to make the most potential of their genes which were given to them. All people have potential in their genes to nurture and build through creating the proper environment for good life. In the news there is so much attention given to sexual abuse when there should be more attention given to sexual purity watching over relationships of incest and desecration of the genes which are in the semen that are spilled in vain every day. Sexual promiscuity, immorality, homosexuality, abortion is a much greater sin than sexual abuse of priests and nuns in the church. The church is trying to preserve the sanctity of Adam as the first man created from the dust of the earth through resurrection where there was no racism. Racism comes naturally and not through spirit. Racism is part of the imperfection of Adam.

Jewish people are called racist because they cherish the genes of their forefathers and sanctify the semen which they have inherited as their children. Good Genes need to be protected. The people that attack Jews can learn from Judaism the importance of Genealogy and child education. If I will give you a million dollars will you invest it properly or go the casino and blow all the money in one shot? Judaism teaches investment planning in life. Everyone has potential. Not all people are created equal but everyone has potential to excel in life. God created Adam from dust where there was no evil. The evil came into the world afterwards. God wants all people to know their father Adam. He also wants people to watch over their genes and work to reach their highest potential. Man was created from the dust and will return to the dust. About the life of man is written in Ecclesiastes of King Solomon, Vanity of vanity, everything is vanity. Cherish the preciousness of your genes and make for yourself the example of the words of the Bible in Genesis, man is created in the image of God. Build your life on the foundations of love and kindness to receive after death when the body returns to dust a share in eternal life.

(The picture above is of a chromosome. A chromosome consists of a long strand of DNA containing many genes. A human chromosome can have up to 500 million base pairs of DNA with thousands of genes.)

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