Was It Really a Bad Day?

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  • Sometimes I feel like everybody throws up on me.
  • On bad days it's important to recognize that a bad day is just that, a bad day. It'll pass.
  • I can only say this because I choose not to focus on the bad parts. I acknowledge them but they just don't get to decide my day.

Was it really a bad day? it’s an interesting question, because why would we say it if it wasn’t true? We all want to have good days. It’s just not that cut and dry though. So many times, I’ve discovered that what I thought was a bad day, was a good day with difficult or bad moments. Sometimes it seems like there were more bad moments than good ones, but was it really a bad day?

To be clear, I’m not saying it’s not okay to have bad days. We all have them. Lying to ourselves will only feel worse. On bad days it’s important to recognize that a bad day is just that, a bad day. It’ll pass. So don’t feel like I’m saying you have to be optimistic constantly, but I wanted to share a thought.

This last Sunday┬áI had a great day. At the end of the day I was really happy with how it went, I felt productive, and I was satisfied. So how did my day go? I woke up feeling tired and not quite sick but not good either, and I remained tired throughout the day. There was a lot of fighting and tension in my home that morning, and just when I thought there couldn’t be any more happening around me I got a very long text, from a very angry and very hurt friend. Then another friend in a similar manner. I love my friends and I want to be there for them, but sometimes I feel like everybody throws up on me.

I go to my internship. We are short one person but everything is going okay, and then it’s not. There’s a power outage, and we are in a rush to get everything set up for an outdoor service instead. Right in the midst of all the chaos my heart monitor beeps. This means it has detected something and is now recording. I said that all I wanted was answers. Of course, the ideal situation is a clear report and no symptoms ever again, but all I wanted was answers. Apparently that wasn’t true because this sound that means there is a potential issue just broke me.

Then, the power turns back on. Wonderful right? It was, except that we now have to put everything back and return to our set up for an indoor service. So we are switching everything back and I went to print on a printer I thought was working and wasn’t, ended up late for a meeting. Before that, I had already shown up later to another meeting because of the hectic pace of the day. It’s a bunch of little things that I end up adding to my plate, messing up on, or having to rush through, one after the other just piling up. Then someone got sick and had to leave.

The thing is in all of this I felt okay. I was busy. I was distracted. Then when service started I opened my mouth and I couldn’t sing the words. Instead tears were streaming down m face. I finally broke, I felt like I had had an awful day. Service was over and it’s back to work cleaning everything up and putting it away. I pushed my limits cleaning up, feeling a little alone at times as well. I get in the car. My back hurt, my legs hurt, my feet hurt. I was tired. I was hungry ( I hadn’t gotten a chance to eat dinner).

I had a great day. Here’s the thing I skipped. The pastor that spoke brought a message that shifted my perspective. I got to rest during that time. Yes I cried, I released what I was feeling and I felt better. The thing is I love what I do. I feel happy after a productive day. I love to serve the people in my ministry. The thing is I wasn’t alone. I was going through this with the people on my team. The thing is that these things were moments, and moments pass. Nothing tastes better than a sandwich after a long day of work.

So, I say I had a good day that was difficult at times. Why? because the overall result of my day was good. I say it because the good things like my family, and the people I work with will be there longer than a momentary stress. I say this because it was really a good day. I can only say this because I choose not to focus on the bad parts. I acknowledge them but they just don’t get to decide my day.

So, was it a bad day? That’s okay it’ll pass. Or was it a good day that had bad moments?

Lily grace

I am just a person who loves the power of words. If I could accomplish anything in writing I would want it would be to help bring hope and healing to others by words. In words, we see ourselves and the world around us in a new light.

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