Author Abhijith Krissh Publishes Indian-based Love Story

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Abhijith Krissh is also known as Abhjith.D is an author of You’re the spitting image of my Angel. He is born and brought in Bengaluru, Karnataka. He is a public speaker and also helps people who fight mentally. He is the son of Dinesh and Jayanthi Dinesh who are both into medical fields. He finished his SSLC in New baldwin residential school and also Finished his PUC in Sheshadripuram. He is a dancer and a choreographer. He teaches a lot of students. He lives a low life with low profile. He is active in social media and will reply to everybody. He lived a lonely life with no friends but there are few friends who are life to him. Priya, Rania, Yathish, And also Prema who is like a mother.

He is also a song writer and writes short stories. He used to write Poems during his school life and then one day he decided to write a story and pen it down to the world. Finally, he published the book You’re the spitting image of my angel with Educreation publishing.

“This is an Indian, Kerala based story of a poor guy called Rahul who falls in love with a beautiful girl Rahasya whereas she’s from a middle-class family who’s going to accept him but later she meets with an accident and loses her memory. Unaware of this, Rahul takes a step to his career and will fly to Australia. Falling in love is very easy but facing rejection after proposing their feelings to their loved ones is very painful. After knowing about the incident Rahul starts all over again to fall in love and show the true feeling of love. This story explains the struggle which Rahul goes through to win his love. Welcome to “You are the spitting image of my angel”. It’s easy to fight to get what we want. But is fighting an only option? Will he bring back her memory? Will he win her again?”

It’s a love story under fiction genre and Dr Nikhil Chandwani is the person who helped him  and made him a reputed author among the authors and he’s also featured in Our Nagpur news.

Abhijith Krissh

Abhijith is well recognized by the name Abhijith Krissh or Abhijith. D. He is  a Choreographer, song writer, writer, Novelist. He has Published his Novel You're the spitting image of my angel with Educreation publishers and the book is been launched globally on February 28th of 2019. He's a Bangalorean.
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