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  • Religion has an answer for humanity to solve problems in life which the humanitarian and modern science cannot solve.
  • Through interaction and communication between the psychologist and the patient he/she is opened up on the intellectual level to recognize his/her problems and to solve them.
  • The Guru Janardan toured America and in the summer of 1969 during Woodstock he was in Chicago. He taught that there are two ways of spirituality, the way of religion and the way of Yoga which means unity.

Psychologists recognize that there are two levels of consciousness which are conscious level and subconscious. Psychologists work in treating people with speech which is on the conscious level. On the conscious level there is intellect and speech. Through interaction and communication between the psychologist and the patient, he/she is opened on the intellectual level to recognize his/her problems and to solve them. The results are not accomplished in one treatment. It is necessary to return to the psychologist many times to reach the source of the emotional problem in his past and present life. The work of the psychologist is to find the trauma in the history of the patient which has created a blockage in the subconscious which is interfering with the mind on the conscious level. The psychological blockage created by trauma interferes between the subconscious mind connected to the nervous system and the conscious mind which is involved in daily life.

People suppress trauma. It is the natural mental defense system which blocks trauma, just like when attacked by a mugger on the street, a man protects himself. Also trauma attacks the conscious mind. The person naturally protects himself from this trauma from interfering with his life. The trauma may be in his subconscious events which happened in childhood or it may be in his life today. Many people who have suffered depression and anxiety in psychotherapy have discovered an event in their childhood where they were molested. This event in their past was suppressed and lives in their subconscious mind which created a blockage unknown in their past. People are also suppressing trauma in their daily lives, neglecting to correct this trauma or completely nullifying this trauma. When the trauma builds up it becomes impossible to deal with and the solution is to either go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

There is the conscious mind which people use every day and there is a subconscious in which is contained memory of all the events in the history of the person. This can be compared to the two levels of interaction in a computer between Ram and the hard disc. Ram is the memory system on the conscious level of the computer. The hard disc is the subconscious mind of the computer containing all the programs and documents of the PC. These programs in the hard disc are working on the conscious level of the computer even if the user doesn’t know them. He doesn’t have to know the inner working of his computer to enjoy computers.

A human being is a sophisticated computer with feelings. There are in the human body various auto functioning systems which are the circulatory system, digestive system, endocrine system, exocrine system, immune system, muscular system, nervous system, excretory system, reproductive system, respiratory system, skeletal system, vestibular system coordinating movement and balance. These systems function 24 hours a day each day. The conscious mind of the human being has active hours and hours of sleep. The subconscious is connected closer to the nervous system and the auto functional systems than the conscious mind. When trauma has penetrated the conscious mind which has its own defense systems it becomes rooted in the subconscious and interferes with daily life functions happiness and peacefulness. It also effects general body health. Stress is very much related to disease.

If a computer gets a bug in its system, there are programs for anti-virus to clean out the whole system from virus which interferes with the functions of the computer. Psychologists have techniques for healing the blockages in the mind between the nervous system and the subconscious and conscious mind. The blockages are in the subconscious in the human hard disc. The anti-virus programs runs its anti-virus throughout the hard disc and cleans out all the virus. The psychologist works to heal the conscious mind through psychotherapy. When there are deep blockages in the subconscious can be used hypnosis to reveal these blockages and then they can be healed through psychotherapy.

Hypnosis is part of parapsychology. In hypnosis the conscious mind rests or sleeps and then is revealed the subconscious. Another part of parapsychology is energy healing of the mind through hypnosis and stimulation with healing energies words, sounds, thoughts, and imagery. Each person has in the back of his consciousness his own self-image which is the thought of himself in the back of his mind. There is work in life to build and protect the personal self-image. When a person succeeds in life and he has self-satisfaction his self-image is improved. Self-improvement improves the self-image. A person should feel good about himself. Rooted in the mind and psyche is the self-image in the center of the subconscious. The self-image is the source of the ego. Trauma causes blemishes in the self-image. One of the parts of development in life from childhood to adult is self-realization beginning to know one self. The importance to know thyself is emphasized in philosophy Socrates and Plato. Know thyself includes knowing your body and your mind. Know thyself means improving their functions by improving your life.

Parapsychology reaches deeply into the mind to heal psychological blockages which are difficult to heal through conventional psychology. Where parapsychology fails to reveal and heal these blockages is needed another technique of healing which is spiritual healing. The trauma that exists in life can penetrate deeply into the conscious mind and cause dysfunction, depression, anxiety which when become unbearable a nervous breakdown. There is a defense immunity system in the mind which works 24 hours a day like a computer has an anti-virus preventive system. The main defense system is called suppression. People suppress difficult sensitive issues for their own self survival. One of these issues is the fear of death. Everyone faces death. Death is all around. A plane Air Ethiopia crashed this week killing 124 people. It is better not to think about death. When you get older it becomes harder to suppress the inevitable.

The fear of poverty is a real fear. The sages teach that a poor person considers himself as if he is dead. The best medicine to heal the fear of poverty is to build a livelihood. When a person is working earning a living he forgets his financial situation temporarily. For poverty there is a solution, hard work, education and employment. For the fear of death psychology has no answer only to suppress the thoughts of death. Soldiers while in service live with trauma, the fear of death. After they leave military service they discover that they have post traumatic syndrome.

People fear disease. The solution for the fear of disease and health problems is preventive medicine and conventional medicine. Learning and practicing good hygiene and good nutrition is the best preventive medicine for disease. In the back of their minds people are afraid of disease and old age. When they are young and healthy they suppress these thoughts. By visiting the sick and working in the field of health people become accustomed to feel the pain of the sick and can overcome this fear. Soldiers while in military service live with trauma, the fear of death. After they leave military service they discover the meaning of trauma.

Love and sex is a need of a human being. Love can be painful. Sex is the greatest of physical pleasure but it doesn’t come free. From the unity of male and female organs is produced a child in the womb of the mother. There is an inclination in a man to fear that the lady who he loves will cheat or break up with him. The correction for trauma which can come in relationships between man and woman comes through laws of marriage and divorce. There are also obligations in the law to provide for your wife and children. Trying to be celibate to avoid the problems and obligations of marriage in the end can lead to masturbation, prostitution, sex abuse and homosexuality. There are obligations which are attached to the pleasure of sex. Solutions like birth control and abortion may bring other types of emotional trauma, guilt, and low self-image.

Psychology and Parapsychology have their limitations. There are types of trauma in life which cannot be suppressed by the conscious mind. There are types of trauma which cannot be healed by psychology and parapsychology. Fear of death can be suppressed temporarily but the fear and stress builds up and become crippling later in life. Most of the other types of trauma have solutions in psychology and modern law. These solutions are not complete and also need spiritual strengthening. The wealthiest people can become bankrupt. The people of Venezuela a wealthy nation today eat out of garbage cans. There is the threat of Global warming and of nuclear war. With the best medical care people still get sick and die from cancer. The woman you love may find another companion and ask for a divorce. O.J. Simpson the football star was hurt by his girlfriend and killed her.

Religion has an answer for humanity to solve problems in life which the humanitarian and modern science cannot solve. Religion gives a complete plan in life with belief in God and the afterlife. Jews are born into a religion which gives Jews a way of life taught by the prophet Moses to include in it a solution for all the needs of the Jew in normal life. Islam and Christianity have used Judaism as a model for providing religion for people who are not Jewish. Religion also has its limitations. People need freedom and religion does not give freedom. Religions advise their followers to suppress their need for freedom and just follow the precepts of their divine law. Humanitarians will not give up their freedom to become religious. They live without religion, faith in God and in the afterlife.

There is a way of spirituality which complements religion and gives freedom and spiritual healing. This way of spirituality began with the resurrection of Jesus. It was also part of the concept of Exodus from Egypt and slavery. When Christianity became a religion it lost its freedom. Today it is renewed through the resurrection of Moses, Mohammed and Jesus. Resurrection gives freedom with faith in God and the afterlife. It adds freedom to religion. It does not require conversion to another religion. While religion requires strict observance of the law to reinforce faith in God and the afterlife to overcome the fear of death, resurrection spirituality teaches the wisdom of King Solomon “Don’t be too righteous, and for sure don’t be wicked. There is a middle way between humanitarian secular and religious which comes through belief in the resurrection of the three prophets of religion.

The spirituality of resurrection is not new. It was always in the divine plan which was given to Moses at Mount Sinai and written secretly in the Torah to be revealed at the end of time. It is Messianic Judaism. It combines religion with faith. It complements psychology, parapsychology, humanitarian, and religion. Resurrection healing reaches to the deepest depths of the mind and heart but still needs religion and secular guidance to solve the other problems in life.

The Guru Janardan toured America and in the summer of 1969 during Woodstock he was in Chicago. He taught that there are two ways of spirituality, the way of religion and the way of Yoga which means unity. Soldiers when they are at war suppress the fear of death, like ISIS who refuse to surrender. Resurrection and meditation are the way of peace. Living in a world where there are always dangers, people have to keep their guards up. Religions work primarily on the conscious level believing in God with simple faith, to keep people aware of spiritual dangers in life and teach them to stay far from evil. People want peace but it is not always possible. Everyone is on one side a soldier, and the other side a civilian. Civilians sit at home watch television, drink a beer while on T.V. they are watching soldiers battling ISIS in Syria. Meditation Yoga is one part of spirituality; religion is the other part. The Lubavitcher Rebbe had the broadest knowledge of Judaism including esoteric teachings. He also taught two ways of spirituality the war of good against evil the way of religion and peace divine unity. Most religious leaders know only one side and are closed to the other side. The exceptional spiritual leaders are masters of both sides. The messianic light includes both sides of spirituality. Moses and the Torah include both sides of spirituality but Moses taught the Jewish people the side of religion for the sake of the survival of the Nation of Israel. The other side of Judaism he left to be revealed in the times of the Messiah.

(The picture is of Guru Janardan Parmahansa who visited America from India in the late 1960s in a mission of peace. He helped many of the youth who used drugs to rehabilitate and lead healthy lives.)

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality.  He has two sites at: and
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