Birth Strike: Biblical Insights

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  • If Birth Strike will not desecrate the name of God which is peace and truth; it is acceptable.
  • In times of war and poverty there are reasons not to have children; but there are also reasons to have children.
  • It is important to listen to women. They have valid claims which should be considered.

Woman today claim that the environment of the world (global warming and the threat of Nuclear War) is a good reason not to make a family. Birth Strike is part of the Woman’s Liberation movement. The movement is based on a book by Jenny Brown – Socialism and the Woman’s movement. It is important to listen to women. They have valid claims which should be considered. God told Abraham to listen to his wife Sarah when he sent away Ishmael with his mother. However there is a law of God which intelligent men and woman know is filled with divine wisdom and instruction. If Birth Strike will not desecrate the name of God which is peace and truth; it is acceptable.

In the Talmud tractate Taanit it says that Joseph who was a prince in the government of Egypt did not have children during the famine which was seven years and crippled the whole economy of the world. People have free choice and have permission from the Torah to refrain from having children during hard times. Maybe this can be used to support Jenny Brown in her book Birth Strike. Each person can use their own judgement to decide to have children and how many. To make a law to limit the amount of children men and woman can have is against the commandment “to be fruitful and multiply.” America is a free country and not socialist. American needs children born from American citizens more than children of illegal immigrants.

The use of birth control is a natural way of controlling birth. In difficult times the use of birth control becomes more acceptable according to Torah Law. Abortion is against nature. In difficult times there is permission to abort before the fortieth day of conception. Today pregnancy tests are available even after the first few days. People should get married before deciding to have a family. Children need two parents. Each child brings another blessing. God helps people with livelihood and in many other ways for people that want to make a family. Having a family is not always dependent upon wealth. Statistics show that the upper class have less children than the lower classes. Religious observers Muslim, Christian and Jewish want larger families. They have faith that God will provide. Secular people today for the last fifty years have adopted family planning and have an average of one –two children per family. They did this on their own and without legislation. In the nature of a woman is the desire to have children. A woman who has no children is called barren. Most woman suffer emotionally when they reach menopause and have no children. They have a feeling of loneliness.

In times of war and poverty there are reasons not to have children; but there are also reasons to have children. Every child is a new blessing and can bring peace and affluence. It is a matter of faith. If people would depend only intellect they would not have more than a two children. With faith in God it is possible to have even twenty children and raise them successfully. Nature allows people to become depressed with life. An important part of life is in having children. The Biblical obligation for having children is to have two children a boy and a girl.

Marriage is the solution for young people to live morally. People need the pleasure of sex for their own emotional health. The best way to fill this natural need is through marriage. Marriage is the unity of male and female which is part of the purpose of creation. The other part of the purpose of creation is the spiritual unity of male and female which is to unite religion with faith. In religion is taught the fear of God and in faith the love of God. Catholic priests choose to fulfill the purpose of creation which is unity of God and take a vow of celibacy. Most people don’t have the spiritual desire to suppress their sex desires like Catholic Priests and choose to get married and have a family. Today the sex abuse scandal in the church indicates the danger of suppression of the sex desire. By making legislation limiting families will only increase abortion rates which are forbidden; and increase promiscuity. The Bible is teaching mankind that they are not animals. Man has a divine soul and mankind are the children of God. There is less responsibility in life if you think of yourself as an animal. To have a self-mage as an animal eventually will result in mental health problems depression, anxiety and suicide. This is one of the dangers of legalization of marijuana. Marijuana gives to its users a feeling that all people are animals. In one sense it is true. Every person has an animal physical soul. Religion is teaching that there is another side to man which is the Godly soul. To feel Godly is to feel important. To raise children to accept the obligations of a Godly soul will bring to the world blessings materially and spiritually. Those people who feel like animals evolved from the ape, have no need for marriage. They can have children out of wedlock or abort a thousand times without any guilt. They can murder or steal without guilt if they can get away with it.

Socialist feminists have given up hope being the model of the holy mother. Religion reinforces the Old Way which has been tested and proven to be successful. People who don’t want to honor their ancestors will also die without honor. The honor of a man and woman is his children who honor their father and mother in their life and after their death. The children learn from their parents, this is the first step in life. The parents can learn from their children. The Bible is a teaching for all people for the young and the old. The foundation of life is in religion. There is a place for the New Age to add to the Old Age but not to replace the Old Age with new ideas which have already failed which is socialism and birth strike.

For woman and men that have given up hope in the future of the world, the Lubavitcher Rebbe said “open your eyes” the Messiah is knocking at your doorstep to let him in. Be happy. Don’t fight your nature. Your nature is to love and not to fear. Your nature wants to be a father or a mother. God is in nature; he is also in the heavens.

(The picture above is of a typical Chassidic Jewish family. The average Chassidic Jewish family has seven children. The author of this article had seven children. There are Chassidic families where the mother has had twenty children with no regrets. The Vizhnitz Rebbe of Monsey NY died at the age of 95 years old. He had 14 children, hundreds of grandchildren and thousands of great grandchildren.)

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality.  He has two sites at: and

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