Advanced Early Arthritis Sufferers Are Seeking Strongest Numbing Lidocaine for Pain Relief

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Old age is coming. We all know it, most of us dread the gradual decline of our bodies, and as far as we are concerned, it can stay as far off in the future as possible. Many of us will experience some form of arthritis in our older years, Osteoarthritis being the most prevalent kind of arthritis, it can be a hell on earth for many, but for some who get it young, it can be even worse.

Arthritis is a name given to a group of degenerative diseases that cause inflammation in the joints. Almost 27 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, which causes hard bony enlargements and spurs in the small joints of the fingers, toes, spine, knees, hips, shoulders, and neck. Advanced osteoarthritis usually doesn’t present in patients younger than 50, with most people in their 60’s having at least some symptoms. However for some, early advanced osteoarthritis can develop in patients in their 20’s

Treatments for arthritis are widely varied across the globe. Some people rely heavily on pain medications and anti-inflammatory drugs, which can have serious side effects if overused. Others rely on regional remedies, or natural solutions or supplements to get them through the day. Finding the balance between medication, lifestyle changes and supplements can be a difficult one for many. In particular for those afflicted with the earl onset version of the disease, like Cherie Johanson.

Cherie’s advanced arthritis would be considered early onset by most doctors. She is only 47, but has suffered from advanced osteoarthritis for 15 years, the last 5 of which were classified as being in the advanced stage. Struggling to find ways to simply get through the day, burdened by excruciating pain has become a way of life for her, at least it was, until she found Numbify is a 5% lidocaine numbing product, designed for use on hemorrhoids, it combines the reliable numbing power of lidocaine, with healthy natural ingredients for a great numbing experience. In recent years though it has become a staple for many suffering from advanced arthritis. 5% Lidocaine is not approved by the FDA for use on arthritis, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of people in Cherie’s situation from using it “off label” for this very purpose.

Having tried a variety of solutions from Salonpas patches to icy hot, and even prescription topical anti inflammatory medication nothing really worked well enough for Cherie. It was still a struggle every day, and the more advanced her condition got, the less those other products helped. Frustrated with the lack of success, Cherie set out and took control of her own journey which is where she found Numbify. Drawn to it initially because of the 5% strength of the lidocaine, Cherie quickly became a fan. In particular the Extra Strength Numbify 5% Spray, often called the strongest numbing spray on the market, was exactly what she was looking for. More versatile than patches, and stronger than most over the counter lidocaine medicines, Cherie was also attracted to the healthy natural ingredients found inside. The spray version was perfect for her because of its versatility and ease of application. She uses it on a torn shoulder rotator cuff area, both her feet, both of her thumb joints, around her hip area and her lower back.

Cherie’s favorite part about Numbify is its deep level of penetration, getting the numbing agents exactly where they are needed. Unlike a patch it’s easy to apply and doesn’t fall off at random intervals through the day. When asked in what way Numbify had helped her the best, Cherie said “I move with far less pain while it is in full effect. Pain isn’t 100% gone but tolerable. Helps me sleep so much better because I don’t wake up as much in pain during the night. I use it twice a day!!!”

Living with early advanced osteoarthritis can make for a hard lifestyle, and research into relieving that pain, and getting lidocaine approved for such uses is staggeringly far behind where it should be. However thanks to people like Cherie, pushing the boundaries, off label use of Numbify Extra Strength is becoming more and more common. Numbify in particular because of its healthy natural ingredients, and powerful deep penetrating numb! In addition to Numbify, Cherie has a few other words of wisdom to share with those of us suffering at the hands of early advanced arthritis.

“Keep on an Anti inflammatory diet, exercise even when it hurts. The less you move the more it hurts. Keep your weight under control, be specific with your doctor on what, where, and exactly how it feels where you have pain. Be the squeaky wheel. Don’t give up. Find out the root cause and understand it. Don’t give into pain. Try Numbify Extra Strength – The Strongest Numbing Spray!” -Cherie

Disclosure: Cherie was never paid, her comments were all from her non-solicited purchase and usage. We did sent her additional Numbify as a gift, after the interview.

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