Making America the Land of God

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  • American Law is Judeo-Christian with freedom. The first amendment cannot reject the Declaration of Independence.
  • Moses makes it clear in the Old Testament that the Law of God written by the finger of God was broken; and never revealed.
  • There is no place in America for hatred between the two sides secular and religious anti-Semitism or anti-Christian or anti-Muslim.

The constitution of America is man-made law.  It was an attempt by the founders of America to bring liberty and justice to America with the help of God. America declared independence–freedom the gift of God before writing the constitution. The Law of God begins with freedom.  American Law is Judeo-Christian with freedom. The first amendment cannot reject the Declaration of Independence.

Moses the prophet was a man of truth.  The giving of the Law of Moses begins with Exodus freedom. Moses wrote a document called the Torah for the sake of the nation of Israel the children of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, and for all of mankind the children of Adam and Noah. Moses and other prophets of God cannot lie.  To lie is to bear false witness is one of the Ten Commandments, thou shall not bear false witness.

Moses writes in the Torah called by Christians the Old Testament and called by the world the Bible in Exodus the story of the events leading up to the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.  It is a wondrous story of the Jewish people sufferings affliction from a dictator Pharaoh in Egypt and how they were redeemed by Ten Plagues which God brought upon the Egyptians to free them.

These were the names of the ten plagues. Blood, frogs, gnats or mosquitos or other small insects, flies swarms of insects, pestilence of livestock, boils the people got boils on their skins, hail and fire fell from heaven, locusts struck the crops of the land of Egypt, darkness fell on the whole land except for the neighborhoods where lived the Jews, the angel of death struck the firstborn of Egypt.

Before each plague Moses warned Pharaoh and gave him a chance to free the Jews who were slaves and forced to work under tremendously cruel conditions similar to the conditions of the holocaust. Finally Pharoah agreed to free the Jewish people to leave their land.

The Jewish people left Egypt and approached the Red Sea on the way to Mount Sinai.  Pharaoh changed his mind and chased after them.  The Red Sea split.  The Jews crossed the Red Sea on dry land. The soldiers of Pharaoh their horses and chariots went into the Red Sea thinking that they had the chance to cross over it and suddenly the waters closed on them and they were drowned.

The Jewish people gathered at the bottom of Mount Sinai and Moses went up onto the mountain.  All the people perceived the thundering and the lightning, and the sound of the ram’s horn, and saw the mountain smoking, and when the people saw it they were frightened and distanced themselves from the mountain.  At that moment God spoke to them.  He revealed himself to them and gave to them the Ten Commandments written in the Bible Exodus 20.  These were the Ten Commandments:

1.       I am the Lord your God

2.       Thou shalt take no other God’s before you

3.       Thou shall not take the name of God in vain

4.       Remember the Sabbath

5.       Honor your father and mother

6.       Thou shalt not kill

7.       Thou shalt not commit adultery

8.       Thou shalt not steal

9.       Thou Shalt not bear false witness

10.   Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s house (Love and respect your neighbor

Moses at the end of his life revealed the Unity of God: Deuteronomy 6:4:

Hear O Israel, the Lord is your God the Lord is One. You should love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your might. This was a proclamation of the Unity of the One God.

The Torah begins with the words, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  It relates the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  God created man in his image; male and female.  Adam was almost perfect.  Until he sinned by eating from the tree of knowledge he was without sin.  After his sin life for mankind was not a Garden of Eden anymore.  Adam and Eve began to make a family which is the family of all mankind.

The Bible gives the history of mankind.  The three major families which make up mankind are the Jewish seed of Jacob the grandson of Abraham the son of Isaac, the seed of Ishmael the son of Abraham, and the seed of Esau the son of Isaac also called Edom the father of Rome.

An important event in history pictured in Genesis 19: Abraham took his son Isaac called his only son to sacrifice him on an altar in Jerusalem which is said to be the place of the Temple Mount. God called out to him, Abraham and Abraham responded.  God said, Take your son your only son to be sacrificed on an altar on the Mountain of Moriya. God didn’t allow Abraham to complete this act.  The Jewish Bible relates the story that the only son of Abraham is Isaac.  In the Koran he is called Ishmael. Abraham had two sons Isaac and Ishmael who were both circumcised.  He sent Ishmael away with his mother Hagar.  Sarah the mother of Isaac and Hagar the mother of Ishmael did not get along well together.

Another important story in the Bible was about when Isaac gave blessings to his two sons Jacob and Esau in Genesis: 27. Esau the first born child was to receive the special blessing of the first born. Instead his mother Rebecca interfered and sent Jacob in the disguise of Esau to her husband Isaac who was then blind.  Isaac was tricked and gave the blessing of the first born to Jacob.  Esau who was then in the field preparing food for his father returned to receive the blessings and heard that it was given to Jacob.  He became forever angry at his brother Jacob for stealing the blessings of the first born.

Family jealousy which is the root of National Rivalry is described by Moses in the Bible.  The jealousy and hatred of Ishmael because the Bible calls Isaac the chosen son of Abraham in the story of the sacrifice of Isaac on the altar.  The jealousy and hatred of Esau for Jacob stealing from him the blessings.

In the end the children of Ishmael rebelled against the Law of the Jewish People given by Moses and made their own law in the Koran called Sharia.  The children of Esau could not accept being secondary to the children of Jacob and made their own law through Jesus the Messiah called the New Testament. In this way there are three Laws of God in the world.  The first of these laws is the law of God of Moses given to the Jewish people, the five books of Moses. 

Moses the Man of Truth

Moses is a man of truth and man of peace.  It is not always possible to make peace but peace is a goal for all of mankind.  Family interest and national interests interfere with making peace.  The Torah relates in Exodus 25: And Moses turned and went down from the mountain, and the two tablets of the Testimony were in his hand: tablets written on both sides; on the one side and on the other they were written.  And the tablets were the work of God and the writing was the writing of God written with the finger of God engraved on the tablets.

Moses when he came down from the mountain saw that the people had built a Golden Calf and broke these tablets with the Law of God written on them by God Himself.  Afterwards Moses prayed for forgiveness for the people went back up upon the mountain, fasted forty days and forty nights and brought to the people another set of tablets written by him with the guidance of God.

Moses is telling the world for all generations that the most authentic Law of God is unknown. The tablets written by God himself were broken.  The Law of Moses received by the Jewish people were written and taught by the prophet Moses and not by God himself. Moses infers as the prophet of truth and peace that the Torah of the Jewish people comes from him and is his interpretation of the Law of God adapted for the Jewish people.  Moses is called the most humble of all people. Jews respect the Law of Moses as if it was the written law of God.

The other two laws which came in the world Sharia and the New Testament are also written by prophets. Moses was the first prophet of God to give a law.  In the light of the humility of Moses there is a place for World Unity and Peace between all religions and all people.  World Unity and Peace is a goal of the Bible of Moses.  Christians by claiming that Jesus was God and not only a prophet interfere with the chance for World Unity and Peace.  Christians by claiming that the word of Jesus is the only word of God is against world unity and peace.  Jews do not claim that Moses was God.  In one place when Moses struck the rock in Numbers:20, it was considered to be a sin.  Moses was close to perfection but not perfect.  He is praised most for his humility. Adam was the most perfect of all men created by God himself and not born from a woman.  The Torah relates the sin of Adam by eating from the tree of knowledge.  Mohammed never claimed to be God. On the contrary the Koran accepts Jesus as a prophet but not to be called God. Jesus can be called the son of God; but not God like Mathew called him when he saw Jesus walk on water when he said; “surely he is the son of God.”

Moses makes it clear in the Old Testament that the Law of God written by the finger of God was broken; and never revealed.  The Law of Moses is close to the Law of God that was broken but not this law exactly.  So it is with Christian law and Islam law. Jesus, Mohammed and Moses were three prophets in the history of the world that brought to the world religion.

Each law and prophet claims that his word is the word of God.  Prophets are blessed with the spirit of God.  There is only one God and three laws written by prophets.  The One God brought his law into the world written on tablets with his own finger which were broken by Moses and remains unrevealed. There are three laws of God in the world each written by a different prophet written and taught for a different family of mankind of the three families Jacob, Ishmael and Esau. In each law is written that their law is the only law.  Moses the prophet of truth and peace revealed in the five books of Moses Exodus 25, that the law of God written with the finger of God was broken and lost and only remains the versions of this law by Moses and the prophets that came after him.  Moses did not reveal this secret publically and it is hidden from Jews because in the Oral Torah which is studied in Jewish day schools is taught also that Jewish law is the only law. The Christians teach it this way and claim that Jesus was God. The Muslims teach it this way and claim that Mohammed is the last prophet. In each of these faiths the Orthodox observers that keep to the strict observance of the law accept their law as the law of God without question.  They hold the faith and religion together.  However permission is given for others who are concerned about World Unity and Peace not to be Orthodox but also not to be against Orthodox.  About this King Solomon said in his work, Ecclesiastes, Don’t be too righteous, but don’t be wicked. Those that go in the middle way believe in freedom.

The Constitution of America

The constitution of America, the law of America has come after the Law of Moses, the Law of Jesus, and the Law of Mohammed.  Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.  It was a new land and the beginning of a new great nation.  The founding fathers of America wrote the Declaration of Independence and a constitution for a nation with liberty and justice forever.  To succeed as a nation America had to include in its law all the three laws which were written by the three prophets.  The way it could make a law including all these three prophets and their religions which conflict each claiming to be the only law, was to make a nation with freedom of religion and separation of church and state. In this way all peoples Jewish, Christian, and Muslim can live together peacefully in their land.  America had to make also a place for the humanitarian, the agnostic.

The Declaration of Independence is not an atheist document but it may also be agnostic and is surely humanitarian.  The constitution of the United States that does not mention in it God allows also for atheist values.  America was founded on the foundation of the three laws of God which were in the world before it. The declaration of independence mentions “The laws of nature and of nature’s God. We hold these truths to be evident that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.  And for the support of this declaration with firm reliance of divine providence.” The constitution is the second part of the Declaration of Independence and not to be separate like people want to make it today to allow atheistic values to enter the country. Although the first amendment gives freedom of religion and separation of church and state, it should not make a separation between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  If so America has left the foundation of one nation under God in liberty and justice forever; It has man made law; without faith and ideals. The Declaration of Independence by including in it the respect for God the creator became respected by the other nations of the world. When America has separated its constitution from the Declaration of Independence it has lost its respect.  Then, America is not the America that it once was. It has lost hope in its goal of being a representative of the ideals of peace and liberty. The constitution has become a man-made law without ideals of peace. Shalom, Peace is the name of God.

The Torah the Law of Moses began with freedom Exodus from Egypt.  Even though it was written by Moses it is considered to be the Law of God.  America had the right beginning.  It is not too late to improve the nation, one nation under God in liberty and justice forever. Separation of church and state means respect between religious and secular.  There is no place in America for hatred between the two sides secular and religious anti-Semitism or anti-Christian or anti-Muslim. America should try to fulfill the eternal words of Jesus and Moses, Love your enemy, and love your neighbor.  The meaning of freedom is the middle way between church and state. God is with religion. God is with freedom. God is against evil anti-religion. The first three laws Torah, New Testament, and Sharia are in the beginning before America.  Now America has added to these laws freedom like it was in the beginning but has not removed God from America. It is still on the dollar bill and in the declaration of independence. It belongs in the heart of America; in the heart of every American.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality.  He has two sites at: and

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