H.R.1. Declaration of Constitution Destruction

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  • Infringement on religious rights.
  • Seeking unlawful voting privilege for non citizens.
  • Everything in the bill is an attempt at further destruction.

The House Democratic party seems to be acting as if they are are “in control” of all government powers.

After reading the new H.R.1 bill in it’s entirety, it’s easy to see the wedge that is purposely being driven into the public and the whole of the United States political system.

Firstly, it is unlawful to even suggest that a non-US citizen be allowed to vote anywhere, or at any time within the United States of America. Trying to do otherwise is treason against the Constitution and the people of the United States. There is no exceptions to that truth.

Secondly, when a bill, or even a new law, infringes on religious rights of the United States of America and it’s Christian population, that itself is another crime against the people and the Constitution. Christian values are such that every Christian breathing should be correcting others who have false God’s. I will do that very thing till i die, and it doesn’t matter to me if they are Muslim, Hindu, Atheist or whomever. My religious rights will not be taken.

Thirdly, and again after reading the entire bill, it’s an easy assumption that the entire bill was written with only the Democratic wants and demands. Nothing in the bill was written with the people’s wants and demands, they simply don’t care what the general public thinks on any given matter.

After careful calculation of the cost of the H.R.1 bill, it is estimated to cost tax payers 1.3 trillion dollars in it’s first year. (Don’t forget the bill demands that the people pay for the candidate of their choice.) In other words, the people will be expected to pay for all political elections.

If I stand back and look at the Democratic party from a distance, and be quiet for a time, and just listen, and watch; I see a Hitler type socialist party in the making. There is absolutely no other way to describe them.

Michael Clark

Independent Journalist and Evangelist dedicated to bringing Christian news and film to the public.

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