Is American Leadership Failing God?

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  • Moving away from Christianity.
  • Amendments no longer protect.
  • Leadership is abomination.

Looking at various social media outlets we can attest that the answer to the question is an absolute “yes.” However, the answer to “why” is in the scriptures of the Bible, and unless the leaders of the country know their Bible, in more detail than currently is seen of them, then the nation as a whole will continue to fail God. That should be a given.

At no other time in history, other than the Holocaust, have we seen such a blatant disregard for human life, not only in America, but internationally certainly. Let’s face it, the lot of the world takes its P’s and Q’s from the American culture, whatever that culture may be displaying at any given time. Are we being a bad influence?

In the last few weeks alone we have seen many state government bodies pass laws aimed at murdering infants, bills to pass legal prostitution, legalized same-sex marriage, allowing the security of the borders to go unchecked, and now Trump pushes a program to make the whole world vote for legalized homosexuality.

So, we, those that are fully aware of the scriptures of the Bible, and are aware of the consequences of all that we see happening on a daily basis, are the same ones that can fully judge the fact that “Yes” the leadership of America is surely failing God.

To further combat against the Lord Almighty, the Christian community in the United States and other parts of the world, are now seeing an increase in censorship through social media and various news syndications. It has become OK to speak blasphemy against God through social media, and post demoralizing acts on social media, but it is no longer OK to speak up, with the same amount of free speech if one is a Christian and pronouncing God.

“Yes” the leadership of the United States of America is failing God. And I say that if anyone calling themselves Christian cannot see this as absolute truth, then God simply is not with them.

Christianity, as far as the United States goes, no longer has a grip on the 1st and 2nd Amendments that once was it’s security blanket. The leadership no longer protects Christianity, using those parts of the United States Constitution. The Federal Government, which is the main body of protection for the 1st and 2nd Amendments, hands over that security to individual States which take the rights away, either in great lot or little by little.

As for the leadership of the United States failing God ; these atrocities against God have been proceeding in succession for more than thirty years now, at least on the current scale. So, the question now becomes: Can we do anything about it?

Answer: No. We have entered the great Tribulation.

Michael Clark

Independent Journalist and Evangelist dedicated to bringing Christian news and film to the public.

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