The Hubbard Pioneer Chapel & Wedding Venue Celebrates the Church Building’s Historic 125th Year.

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  • Over the last few years, the pioneer wedding venue has seen remarkable building renovations
  • Voted Best of Mid-Valley Wedding Venues two years in a row
  • Google Reviews has awarded both Hubbard Chapel & Affordable Dream Weddings 5 star ratings

The Affordable Dream Wedding Pioneer Church/Chapel in Hubbard, Oregon, just celebrated the building’s 125 birthday of continuous operation, making this one of Oregon oldest churches still located at its original location, and we believe, Oregon’s oldest pioneer church that has continuously served its community around Portland.

This was both a happy and sad time for us as one of its main tenants, “The Hubbard United Church of Christ”, that rents the venue on Sundays, had its final service this last Sunday. The history of the United Church of Christ goes back to August of 1893, when the building had its first official service.

The good news is, the leaders of the Hubbard United Church of Christ, have set out a new mission called the Heart2Soul Spiritual Project, and have already begun their process.  This is a nondenominational project that will be open to anybody, regardless of any religious background. It will allow people of many backgrounds to exchange communication, and connect  with inspiration, with the idea of strengthening people and helping them reclaim their purpose and passion.


A luminous evening is the backdrop for the Graceful Belfry.


The historic church bell that was originally installed (above) with a raised belfry, is still in service today, and provides the lovely sound of ringing for every wedding, event and church service.


Over the last few years, the pioneer wedding venue has seen remarkable building renovations and our dream building has been Voted Best of Mid-Valley Wedding Venues, now two years in a row, by the readers of the Statesman Journal, which is Salem, Oregon’s largest and second oldest Newspaper.


Being one of Oregon’s longest continuously operating Pioneer Churches has its advantages.


The brides and grooms that have selected Affordable Dream Weddings at Hubbard Chapel, for their wedding venue have been very happy. To date, Google Reviews has awarded both Hubbard Chapel & Affordable Dream Weddings 5 star ratings.


The dream venue is reasonably priced, and we have found that most couples find Hubbard Chapel Weddings to be well within their budget. What they often don’t realize is that the Chapel is a memorable location that young and old have both so greatly enjoyed. Along with our 5 star rated service with our dream venue, the recently renovated historic pioneer chapel provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for their special day.


Today it is hard to find a place that fits your budget, allows you to invite your friends and family, and offers both a memorable, and affordable dream wedding.


Notice the stained glass windows creating a kaleidoscope effect on the hickory floors.


This Chapel, in the small town of Hubbard, Oregon, still operates today and welcomes future couples that are looking for a quaint place for their wedding day. The bell will continue to ring for many future weddings to come, as it has for last 125 years.

Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel


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